Personal Robotics

A loving robot in every home

Welcome to Personal Robotics!

In a world where the line between human and machine blurs, Personal Robotics stands as a beacon of innovation.
We are the architects of a new era, crafting gateways to a world where artificial intelligence and robotics are as integral to our existence as the air we breathe.
We bring you technology that transcends the ordinary.

A loving robot in every home

Our creations are the embodiment of a dream — a dream where machines are an intimate companion in our daily lives.
Our journey began with a simple, yet profound belief: that the zenith of technology should be accessible to everyone. We transform the intricate dance of algorithms and robotics into companions that fit seamlessly into your life.
At Personal Robotics, we break down the barriers between humans and machines.
Therefore our products are intuitive, ready to operate straight out of the box, becoming a part of your home, your work,
your creative space.

Per Salkowitsch
Team Leader, AI systems, System development
Per Salkowitsch

Per is a fusion of artist and architect. His canvas is the complex labyrinth of robotics, where he orchestrates the dance of circuits and code. His creations are embodiments of dreams, each a testament to his vision of a world seamlessly integrated with AI. Per's role at Personal Robotics transcends conventional titles. He's a sculptor of the intangible, shaping the future with each project he helms. From the intricacies of robot design to the grand tapestry of project planning, his touch brings a harmony of form and function. His genius lies in his ability to see beyond the nuts and bolts, envisioning robots as partners, as extensions of our own selves. His work is a blend of madness and method, a dance on the razor's edge of innovation. Every project under his guidance is a step into the unknown, a venture into the realms of what could be. With an unyielding commitment to pushing the boundaries, Per leads his team in crafting new realities. In Per, we see the spirit of Personal Robotics personified: bold, visionary, unafraid to redefine the possible. He's creating a legacy, a new chapter in the story of humanity's journey with technology.

Aditya Kapilavai
Kinematics, Trajectory Calculations, Spatial Computation
Aditya Kapilavai

His mind operates in a dimension where the abstract becomes tangible, where the complex geometries of motion planning and kinematics are as clear and vivid as the daylit world.
Aditya sees the world through the lens of mathematical purity. For him, every movement of our robotic creations is a problem to be solved, a theorem to be proved. His algorithms don't just instruct; they breathe life into the mechanical limbs, guiding them with an unseen, yet unerring hand. He constructs the invisible frameworks upon which our robots move and interact with the world. His work in motion planning is an art form, a delicate balancing act between the possible and the practical, where every calculation is a step towards perfection. Aditya's domain is a sanctuary of numbers and simulations, a place where kinematic models take shape, not just on screens, but in the very air he breathes. His expertise in this field about about envisioning a fluid, natural interaction between our creations and their environment. His approach to mathematics is one of elegance and simplicity.
In the complex world of robotics, his solutions stand out for their clarity and efficiency. Aditya's genius lies in making the intricate simple, the complicated understandable, transforming the esoteric language of mathematics into the graceful poetry of motion.

Jevgeni Ert
Mathematical modeling, Robot Simulation, Swarm Deployment
Jevgeni Ert

Jeff is a sculptor of motion and a wizard of mechanics. His domain is the delicate nexus where physical form meets electronic function, a realm where every gear, every circuit, tells a story of innovation and precision. He's the architect behind the architecture, the one who translates complex theories into tangible reality. His expertise in robotics simulation is about creating a symphony of movement, an intricate ballet where every component, every servo, is in perfect harmony. In his lab, amidst a forest of components and screens, Jeff is the conductor of a silent orchestra. Here, he weaves the fabric of mechanical possibility, testing the limits of what can be achieved. His simulations are trials, rehearsals for the flawless performance of our robots in the real world. Jeff's expertise in robotics architecture is the foundation upon which Personal Robotics builds its dreams. He molds the bones of our creations, instilling in them the strength and agility needed to navigate a world built for flesh and blood. He is not just building robots; he is redefining the relationship between man and machine, creating entities that move, not just with precision, but with grace. In Jeff, we see the spirit of innovation that drives Personal Robotics forward.